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自由就在此處 / Let it be, 2020







I arranged fallen leaves in the shape of a flower, and I found myself drawing circular lines in the sand to contain the flower.

As I was doodling the lines, small stones came to my sight unexpectedly. There was an urge to place them firmly and carefully one by one in the centre. I felt an impulse to dig the leaves deep into the sand. It felt uncomfortable, and it even felt a sense of violation, but that did not stop me, and I did it anyway.

Was there a desire to hold onto something or was there a need to be held?

I decided to sprinkle some sand from above. As I mindfully watched the sprinkling sand, I felt a sense of relief. It was beautiful. Instead of digging the leaves deep down, I felt better seeing them dispersed and being hidden in the sand. It looked fine just the way it was. Perhaps no matter how hard I try or control, things will follow its flow in Nature. From that second onwards, I was more aware of my surroundings and felt more connected with the wind, the blue sky, the sound of the waves, and was more able to enjoy the beauty of the here and now.

I was able to let go of the drive to control or to hold on to something. I felt free. Everything in life has its own path to follow. Relax, and let it be.

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