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親子活動:解憂娃娃Parent-child activity: worry dolls


1. 讓解憂娃娃成為孩子的好朋友,鼓勵孩子跟它分享心情。

2. 如果家長希望透過娃娃增進親子溝通,不妨嘗試問孩子:「解憂娃娃有什麼感覺?」「它在想什麼?」

3. 也可以邀請孩子為娃娃起一個情緒名字,例如「緊張娃娃」,然後問孩子:「它有什麼感覺?」、「為什麼它覺得緊張?」、「你覺得應該如何幫助它?」等。娃娃的情緒名字可能因應孩子的感受而有所不同。


Struggling with handling the emotions of your little ones? If you have pipe cleaners at home, try to make these simple worry dolls to help them share worries and secrets! Here are a few ways to do it:

1. Invite them to keep the worry doll and share worries with them as they wish.

2. If they find it hard to communicate with you directly, ask them ‘how does the worry doll feel?, ‘what does it think?’

3. Ask them if they can give emotion names to the dolls. For example, if one of them is ‘anxiety’, ask them ‘How does anxiety feel?’, ‘What makes it so anxious?’, ‘what would you like to do to help it feel better?’

The key is not to force anything even if they don’t want to share anything with you. Don’t worry, respect their pace. They are working on their own timing. The doll already serves as an object to process their complicated emotions to help them feel better.

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