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  • 作家相片Jasmine Lam

讓水彩聆聽你的聲音 Using watercolour to process feelings



創作引導: 1. 首先,找一個安靜而舒適的位置,將水彩紙裱在木板上。 2. 沉澱一下心中的感覺,疫情讓你有什麼感覺?你的身體有什麼感受?那感受是什麼顏色的?你可能會問,應該用什麼顏色、多少種顏色?其實答案就在你心裡,問問自己,你最想用什麼顏色?隨心而行就可以了。 3. 創作的時候,可以隨心加一點水,直至看見顏色和水在紙上流動。 4. 輕輕搖晃畫作,當顏色漸漸與水混和在一起,四處流動,你有什麼感覺? 5. 當你認為應該要停下來了,便可隨時停下;如果你喜歡,也可以用風筒吹乾畫作。 6. 慢慢撕下紙膠帶。 嘗試離遠一點觀看你的畫作。你喜歡它嗎?它是否跟你所想的差不多?如果你感到不太滿意,你想如何修改?為什麼?當顏色的流動方向不在你的控制之內,又有什麼感覺? 無論你有什麼感受,紙上的顏色都變得不一樣了,但是它們卻仍然安好地被白色的框框包圍著,對嗎?



【Processing feelings using watercolour】 The coronavirus changes our lives, the way we perceive things, and relationship with people around us. It is okay that we have mixed feelings about it. When we don’t have a word for how we feel, why not try to put them onto the paper and let the colours help us process the difficult feelings?

Materials: Watercolour paper, Brush, Tapes

How & reflective questions to think about: 1. Firstly, find yourself a quiet space, mount the watercolour paper onto a board. 2. Choose colours that represent your feelings of the outbreak. How does it feel? How does your body feel? What colour best describes your feelings at the moment? You may choose a few colours, or you may choose one. Just paint according to how you feel. 3. You may add water as you wish. When it is enough so that you can see it flow with the colours, move the paper slightly and slowly. 4. The colours and water mix with one another. Notice how you feel watching the flow. 5. You may stop as you feel like, or you may continue and dry with a hair dryer. 6. Tear off the tapes. 7. Look at the piece from a distance. Do you like the final piece? Did it come out as you expected? If not, what would you like to do to change it, and why? How does it feel letting go of control and go with the flow?

Regardless how you feel, the colours appear different now. They changed, yet they are still there and all safely contained within a white frame.

Congratulate yourself on your courage to acknowledge the difficult feelings, to move into the unknown and the uncertainty at this difficult time. Perhaps go back to it one week or a month later, and see if you feel differently looking at it.

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