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Creating a new normal in our lives

How has the pandemic changed your lives?

We have all been resilient enough to cope with the many unexpected changes the pandemic brings to us. As life seems to be slowly returning to normal, does it mean we have to repeat the same routine like before?

People say life can never be the same after the pandemic. Yes, it changes the global health policy. It changes the way we learn distantly. It also opens up new possibilities we have never thought of.

Wait. How about you💙? Have you taken a quiet moment to reflect on how it changes you, and how you feel about it?

🍀Your values. 🍀Your relationship with yourself. 🍀Your relationship with your closed ones. 🍀Or simply, the way you live your everyday lives. 🍀Have you discovered any new insights, which may help you better understand who you are?

Trust your own inner voice. Take your time to reflect during this time. You may find something that you considered normal in the past does not serve you anymore. If this is the case, ask yourself, would you rather stay in the comfort zone or would you want to live a life that is more closely connected to yourself?

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